Nearly 20 years after Paul McCartney released his Wingspan documentary, a new career-spanning doc seems to be in the works. Although the former-Beatle has yet to announce it, Australia's Cosmic Magazine reported Charlie Lightening — the director of the Liam Gallagher documentary As It Was — is prepping a McCartney film.

The news outlet quoted an NME report in which Lightening said, "I’ve worked with Paul McCartney for 12 years and I followed him. I am still working with him, it’s not finished. I’ll be with him at Glastonbury.  He’s helped me with what I do and I adore him. He’s trusted me and to have someone like that to see up close and work with — that’s inspiring, it makes you better at what you are, it makes you want to be better."

It should be noted that the story was picked up by several very reputable sites, including — but nearly all have been pulled down. No title or release date has been announced. McCartney is set to headline England's Glastonbury festival on June 27th.

A while back, Paul McCartney shed light on how he deals with the pressures of being a public figure who is recognized literally everywhere he goes: ["Most of the people here want the top job on their newspaper. I don't know many people who want the worst job on their factory, or anything. So, you're going for it, and if you're going for the top job, you gotta know there's certain pressures there. I don't see it as a burden; and I can actually switch off. That's why I'm so private in my private life — that's where I switch off. Not here — I'm switched on here. This is me switched on. I've shaved (laughter), y'know? On a day off, it's the other one. It's the other me and that balances me up."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . balances me up)

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