Rick Springfield will release his 18th studio album titled, Orchestrating My Life, on April 26th. According to the official announcement for the set, Orchestrating My Life features “an electrifying mix of 'rock meets orchestral' arrangements of a lifetime of his greatest hits. Also included is the new song 'Irreplaceable.' dedicated to Rick’s mother who he lost in 2016. The album will be played live on March 30th at L.A.’s Saban Theatre with a full symphonic orchestra.” The album follows Springfield's critically acclaimed 2018 original blues collection, The Snake King.

The tracklisting to Orchestrating My Life is: “Kristina,” “I've Done Everything For You,” “Don't Talk to Strangers,” “Jessie's Girl,” “Affair Of The Heart,” “Love Somebody,” “Human Touch,” “Celebrate Youth,” and “World Start Turning.”

Rick Springfield told us that it's the love, interest, and support from both his female and male fans that keep him honest and progressing musically and emotionally: “I write what I like and that's why the music always comes from a male perspective because I am, y'know? But some of the image stuff. . . I mean I always resisted all the teen stuff, but they still printed stuff anyway back in the '80s and I had to deal with it. But I always played and wrote what I wanted to — that I thought was good stuff, which is why I still have male fans. And the male fan base is actually growing, because I've always written, I think, with a degree of integrity and not a sell-out vibe at all.”