Roger Daltrey says that he and Pete Townshend are looking for a fresh way to take the Who on the road. We spoke with Daltrey, who's busy promoting his just-published autobiography, Thanks A Lot Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story. He explained to us that with the Who backing off from playing full albums in their entirety and not recording and releasing new music — they're trying to figure out what shape the Who show should take in 2019: “We're thinking of doing something, but we don't quite know what, y'know? All I know is we haven't got many more tours in us. We're still doing it well — the key is, what do we do that's fresh? People don't really, particularly, want new material. They won't want it onstage, let's put it that way. They might want to listen to it on record for a while. There's nothing worse than going out and seeing a band and you wanna have a good night out and 200 people at the front know the latest single that you're boring the rest of the audience to tears with.”

Source: Pulse of Radio