Roger Daltrey admits that he wasn't sure that he and Pete Townshend had what it took to release a new Who album in 2019. Coming 13 years after the band's last studio set, Endless Wire, the new collection, due out on December 6th, and titled simply, WHO, has fans waiting with bated breath.

Daltrey explained to The Associated Press that he needn't have worried the Who could — and would — pull it off: ["I'm really pleased to say, having been skeptical we could ever produce a good album at this age, it is a really good album. Pete's written some fantastic songs and it's got that Who energy, and it sounds great."] SOUNDCUE (:11 OC: . . . it sounds great)

Pete Townshend added that he couldn't be more pleased by Roger Daltrey's work on the new set: ["Roger's nailed the vocals, I mean they're all just superb. It was all really done quite quickly, we could've put it out in June. In fact, it's been ready for a long time, but I think, we wanted to sell it to Christmas granddads (laughter)."] SOUNDCUE (:12 OC: . . . to Christmas grandads (laughter))

Although no dates have been officially announced, the Who is expected to play both a 2020 residency in Las Vegas as well as a headlining set at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

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