Carlos Santana has announced a new recording deal with Concord Records. Santana will issue his first new project on the label on January 25th with the release of the EP titled, In Search Of Mona Lisa. A new studio album produced by Rick Rubin is scheduled for sometime this upcoming summer.

John Burk, the President of Concord Records, said in a statement: “Carlos Santana is an artist of singular voice. Immediately recognized for his signature sound and celebrated as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, his gift for melody and ability to seamlessly fuse and transcend musical genres has inspired us all. We are thrilled to welcome Carlos to the Concord family and look forward to where his seemingly endless creativity, curiosity and passion take us.”

2019 marks 50 years since after Santana's career-defining performance at 1969's Woodstock festival and 20 years since 1999's chart-topping, multi-platinum, nine-time Grammy-winning, Supernatural album. Carlos Santana admits he isn't thrilled with state of radio today: “Radio's not what it used to be like in the '60s. Now it's very compressed, convenient, very linear kind of thinking. In some ways it's conspiracy to make the listener not have any imagination.”