Is it the second coming of the Beatles??? It sure looked that way with John Lennon and Paul McCartney's look-alike sons Sean Lennon and James McCartney posing for a selfie, which Sean posted on his Facebook page yesterday (August 13th) with the comment, “Peekaboo…” Sean has previously uploaded photos of both he and Stella McCartney and most recently back in May, a shot of him and George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison sailing on the Thames River. Although there's no word whether Sean, now 42 and James, 41 were hanging socially or making some music — one thing is certain; James is holding an acoustic guitar in the photo.

Back in 2016, Sean Lennon caught James McCartney's solo show in Athens, Georgia and went away raving about the gig. Sean — who was booked in the city with his new group, the Claypool Lennon Delirium — stumbled upon posters for James' gig and took in the show with collaborator, Les Claypool. We asked Sean what he thought of James' show: “Yeah, he's very talented, for sure. He's got a natural gift and his voice is really good. He was great — y'know, I know James since he was a kid, y'know? But, it was just a coincidence that our tours were in the same town on the same night. And yeah, it was amazing, I walked into Athens, Georgia and there was, like, a big poster for James, a big poster for the Delirium, and I was just like, 'That's crazy.' It seemed like a crazy coincidence. So, I went to see him play with Les and it was cool. He played really good.”

Source: Pulse of Radio