Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash told the Los Angeles Times that he was skeptical at first when he heard that Guns singer Axl Rose would be fronting AC/DC. He remarked, “The Axl-doing-AC/DC thing, I went and checked that out, and it was awesome. I was probably as skeptical as anybody because of the iconic status of the band, and he pulled it off and it was great.”

Axl filled in on vocals for AC/DC in 2016 when singer Brian Johnson was forced to bow out of the band due to the risk of total hearing loss. Recent reports suggest that Johnson has reunited with his AC/DC bandmates to work on a new recording project, although whether Axl will be asked to perform live with the group again is unknown.

Slash is currently on tour with his outfit Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, but will rejoin Guns for a series of late fall shows that will conclude with the band’s first-ever concert in Hawaii. Asked about what 2019 and beyond hold in store, Slash said, “Next year is all touring (with The Conspirators), but going beyond that . . . I would love to see a Guns record get done and have it be, to us, really great. That would be awesome.”

Slash and the Conspirators released their latest album, Living The Dream, last month. The band plays on Tuesday night (October 9th) in Huntington, New York.

Source: Pulse of Radio