Paul and Linda McCartney's daughter, fashion icon Stella McCartney, has saluted her dad's old band with her Stella Menswear Autumn Winter 2019 collection. Da Man, Indonesia's top fashion magazine, posted a layout with Stella's Beatles-themed shirts, jackets, coats, and sweaters, commenting: “This collection has a lot of Beatle references, starting from the cinematic theme titled 'All Together Now'; portraits of her father’s buddies John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison are all posterized and seen on the pieces, along with 'All You Need is Love' patches on shirting. The song 'When I’m Sixty Four' made an appearance by number graphics on the classic grey overcoat, and not to mention a landscape from the iconic 'Pepperland' scene from Yellow Submarine is also digitally-printed on organic cotton poplin shirt.”

Paul McCartney, who attends all of Stella's fashion shows, remains her most devoted fan: “It's always exciting to come to Stella's show, because she's my little baby, but I think it's always surprising to see how professional and what a great designer she is; Witty, very unusual, so yeah, I love it.”

Stella McCartney, who's now 47, explained that having solid parents and a close relationship with her siblings grounded her and set the course for her success: “Y'know, I do look at my upbringing and think it enabled me to not have to compromise. That's one of the biggest blessings it gave me, that I always, sort of, knew — I still know — that if everything goes horribly wrong, I can fall back on a really loving, caring, unconditional family unit and will be okay, y'know? I have a good buffer and I think that afforded me to not compromise my ethics going into my workplace.”