Steve Van Zandt fondly recalled Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band's infamous “bomb scare” show at Milwaukee's Uptown Theatre on October 2nd, 1975. Van Zandt, who spoke to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in advance of Little Steve & The Disciples Of Soul show on October 31st at the city's Pabst Theater, remembered the '75 Milwaukee gig: “It was the only time we've ever gotten drunk before a show.” 40 minutes into the band's concert, a bomb threat was called in and the gig was stopped. Springsteen and the band spent the next three hours partying at the official Columbia Records bash thrown for them before heading back onstage after the coast was deemed clear.

Van Zandt laughed as he revealed, “I grew up with Bruce, we were very tight, and that's the only time I've ever seen him drunk in public. I remember very specifically not being able to enjoy the buzz on the way back to the show. He kept trying to crawl out the window and onto the roof of the car. I was holding him in the car with all of my might. We almost lost Mr. Springsteen that night. History would be quite different.”

Steve Van Zandt has always been a tremendous fan and supporter of Bruce Springsteen and recalled first taking notice of him during their pre-fame days back home in New Jersey: “Around '65 or so. We had local bands, y'know. He was out of Freehold, which was a bit further west and I was closer to the ocean. And it was a bit of a circuit that everybody played, y'know? And you'd run into each other. And then we started running into each other in New York, which was odd at the time, 'cause New York was usually about a year, or so, ahead of New Jersey. And so, we'd come in and steal what we could and go back and look brilliant.”

Source: Pulse of Radio