Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo spoke to The List about being the only rock band in memory to carry on after the deaths of two successive lead singers.

Original STP frontman Scott Weiland, who was dismissed in 2013, died in December 2015 of a drug overdose. Chester Bennington, who joined STP in early 2013, departed nearly three years later to spend more time with his main band Linkin Park. Bennington committed suicide in July 2017.

DeLeo said about Weiland, “You don't really experience things like that too often, when someone like that comes into your life and you create a dream. I'm here today because of what we created. Especially when I'm on stage playing one of our songs, he's always running through my spirit.”

DeLeo told us that he and the other members of STP were struck by Weiland's energy when they first met him: “He was a lion, you know, he really was. In every way in life, he was almost to the point of being hyper about creating and getting things done. We knew that he had that energy. Not only in the voice — I knew he could sing and he was a real singer — but the energy he brought along with that, it was something that he always had from when I met him.”

As for Bennington, DeLeo said, “I love Chester. He really was an amazing human being. He was like a brother. He had an amazing energy about him. He always looked for the solution; he never got tangled in conflict. He just had an energy. He was like an angel that stepped in and set us straight.”

The band's current singer is Jeff Gutt, a former X Factor contestant who joined the group in 2017 and made his recording debut with STP on its self-titled seventh LP last year.