Coming this spring is a new movie that's already gotten the Beatles world buzzing. reported the film, titled Yesterday — which is directed by Danny Boyle and written by Richard Curtis — stars Himesh Patel as an aspiring musician, who after a freak global electrical outage, the history and music of the “Fab Four” is entirely erased — except for one musician, who remembers the entire catalogue and becomes a star by performing the songs, which people believe are his. Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran also appears in the move set to open on June 28th.

Although John Lennon realized that he and the Beatles were the prime creative movers of the boomer generation — he always went to great lengths to explain that they were only a part of the '60s cultural shift — not the actual reason for it: “Y'know that bit about — 'We changed everybody's hairstyles,' but something influenced us, whatever's in the air to, to do it. And pinpointing who did what first, is. . . . doesn't really work. We were part of whatever the '60s was. We were like the ones that were chosen to represent whatever was going on on the street. It was happening itself, y'know? It could've been somebody else — but it wasn't. It was us and the (Rolling) Stones and people like that and here we all are, y'know? And we all went through it together.”

Today, Paul McCartney feels that one of the major components of the Beatles striking a chord across the globe was their dedication to creativity and — above all else — honesty: “If we hadn’t have done it — somebody else would’ve. Um, we were like spokesmen for our generation; we were not the only people that thought like that — but we were the most public, and we had this fame — early fame, as young guys, so people would come with television cameras (and) say: ‘What do you think? . . . What do you think?’ And, things like, we’d go to America and they said, the first thing they said (was) ‘Don’t mention Vietnam.’ Well, we did, ‘cause we were honest guys, and they said, ‘Well, what do you think about Vietnam?’ We said we think it’s a bad war.’ And I think all of this changed people’s attitudes, y’know?”