Coming on September 14th is the Doors' Waiting For The Sun – 50th Anniversary Reissue. The two-CD/ single LP collection features a new version of the album's original stereo mix on both CD and 180-gram vinyl LP, which has been newly remastered from the original master tapes by the Doors' longtime engineer/producer Bruce Botnick. The set also includes “a second disc of 14 completely unreleased tracks: nine recently discovered 'rough mixes' from the album recording sessions and five live songs from a 1968 Copenhagen show.”

In commemoration of “Hello, I Love You” topping the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks beginning on August 3rd, 1968, the band will issue a new seven-inch version of the single with its B-side “Love Street.” According to the press release, “For this anniversary release, Rhino will use mono radio mixes of the songs that were given exclusively to radio stations for airplay in 1968. This version of 'Hello, I Love You' was first available last year as part of The Singles CD collection and is making its vinyl debut here, while the 'Love Street' mix is being released commercially for the first time.”

Just prior to his 2013 death, Ray Manzarek told us he understood that the public would always be fascinated by Jim Morrison's short time on Earth and long for more of the long-dead “Lizard King”: “I love the fact that people love the Doors. When you say 'The Doors,' it's very important to know the psyche of Jim Morrison. America cannot figure out the psyche of Jim Morrison. And they are having a marvelous Freudian struggle trying to figure out who he was, why he was that way, and they just can't figure it out. So I understand completely why they're so intrigued with him. And want more and more and more.”

Source: Pulse of Radio