In what's shaping up to be the destination gig of 2020, the Eagles and the Doobie Brothers have announced a pair of dates set for Memorial Day Weekend in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California, Mexico. Billboard reported, "From May 23rd to 24th, 2020, fans can experience intimate sets from the two groups at the event titled Cabo en Vivo. May 23rd will be an evening with the Doobie Brothers, including Tom Johnston, Michael McDonald, Pat Simmons, and John McFee. The following day, attendees will be entertained by the Eagles consisting of their current lineup of Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit, with Deacon Frey and Vince Gill."

The beachfront sets will play for a select audience of 5,000 fans. Destination packages go on sale on December 20th. American Express cardholders can access pre-sale packages starting December 9th. For more ticket and travel information, log on to

Michael McDonald told us that the bond he feels with his Doobies bandmates never goes away once you've been part of the musical brotherhood: ["Y'know, it was a turning point in my life and career, for sure. Again, y'know, after all these years, it's like, once you're a Doobie Brother, you're kind of always a Doobie Brother someplace in your heart and mind, y'know? 'Cause it was that kind of an organization, and I'm still good friends with the guys. I see. . . Some of the guys I see fairly regularly. I see Pat (Simmons) quite a bit, we're neighbors."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . bit we're neighbors)

During a recent chat with CBS This Morning, Don Henley spoke about the heady days of the Eagles' '70s fame: ["It was exhilarating and it was scary. Fame and success is just as scary as failure. Y'know, looking back, there are some things that I would've done differently and. . . But somehow we made it through all that. Beginning in 1974, we had the guidance of (manager) Irving Azoff, who played a big role in our success and in keeping the band together and then getting the band back together after we took out little hiatus, which in retrospect was a good thing. Because it gave people a chance to miss us. If we had stuck around, we might've gotten old to people. Y'know, they might have gotten tired of us and stuff."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . us and stuff)

The Eagles kick off their 2020 dates on February 7th at Atlanta's State Farm Arena.

The Doobie Brothers — Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, & John McFee — will kick off an eight-night Las Vegas run on February 7th at The Venetian Theatre

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