The Who is still adjusting the setlist to its current “Moving On!” tour. Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, and the band — complete with a full orchestra — hit New York's Madison Square Garden tonight (May 13th). Over the course of the tour's opening shows, the band added “Substitute” and “The Kids Are Alright” into the non-orchestral setlist, swapped out “The Kids Are Alright” for “The Seeker” — and stripped “Won't Get Fooled Again” to a full-on acoustic Daltrey and Townshend-only performance. Also added was “The Real Me” to open the second orchestral set.

For the 2019 shows, the Who essentially top and tails the night with abbreviated versions of Tommy and Quadrophenia. We asked Roger Daltrey, who's embodied the soul of both the Who's rock operas many times live onstage, if there are any definitive similarities between singing Tommy and Quadrophenia: “Not really, they're very different pieces. Quadrophenia was much more just Pete. He had this idea, and the songs, y'know, were all Pete's songs on Quadrophenia, so it was much more a Pete animal than Tommy ever was.”

Pete Townshend told us that although the Who's fan base continues to grow, he finds that the band's newer fans differ from the die-hards of the 1970's: “They don't have the same kind of parochial loyalties and needs that they used to have. They're much more eclectic, they're much more generous in spirit, they're much more broadly based. Do you know what? They love music. Just music. Well, hey-ho!”