The trailer to the new film on the Rolling Stones' Ron Wood has just been released. The new official career-spanning documentary, titled, Somebody Up There Likes Me, was directed by Mike Figgis, and covers Wood's life and career from making his bones in the mod-based mid-'60s London combo the Birds, through the Jeff Beck Group, the Faces, the Stones, and beyond. Among the participants in the doc are Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Rod Stewart.

The film hits theaters in the UK on November 26th, with U.S. dates still to be announced.

Ron Wood, who first recorded with the Stones in 1974, first toured with them in '75, and became an official member the next year — holds the distinction of being the last “new” Rolling Stone. He recalled first meeting the band back in the 1960's: “I remember hanging out with the Stones in Olympic (Studios), uh, when I first met them with the Faces — the Small Faces — y'know, when I used to hang out with them. But many good memories of parties, because Olympic used to have three different studios. You'd have, like, the Faces in one, the Stones in another, David Bowie in another, it was just like, everyone would meet in the canteen — like, 'How's it goin'?' 'Alright.'”

Keith Richards says that he and Wood share an unprecedented musical kinship: “Ronnie, Ronnie's my brother, really. Y'know, I live at his house; he lives at mine — if he can find it. And he's the most sympathetic guitar player I've ever played with.”