Proof positive that veteran artists are still major players on the global concert stage, U2 and the Rolling Stones lead Pollstar's Top Touring Artists of the Decade list. U2 came out on top with earnings of $1,038,104,132 — marking the only act to rake in over one billion in ticket sale over the past 10 years.  Second place went to the Stones  — the one act out of the Top 20, who has historically spent the most time on the road, with a cool $922,361,663.

All told, classic rockers held 10 of the Top 15 spots with notable mention going to Bon Jovi, who snagged $836,661,584 on the road and Bruce Springsteen taking in $729,789,815 over the decade.

A while back, Bono admitted that unfortunately getting all the fans into their shows comes down to commerce — so much so that they even released the 2007 3D film, U2 3D to satisfy demand: ["Also, U2 tickets are a bit expensive. I'm just thinking of people going to high school or going to college don't have the cash. We fight to have the tickets at a reasonable price — like at least 50, 60 percent of them — but you know the way it goes, the tickets get sold on. . .  and there's not enough of them, so. I hope for people who are just thinkin,' well, I'm kinda into that band, that they'll give us a shot and come and see what we've got."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . what we've got)

As the Rolling Stones' bandleader, Keith Richards has always taken great pride in the band's live show, and while Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts are instrumental in the design of the tour's stages, it's down to Richards' to drive the music. Although if he had his druthers, the Stones would be performing nightly in sweaty clubs all around the globe, Richards admits that technology has made even stadiums a worthy type of venue: ["It's kind of interesting because it does sort of make it . . . You can play a football field or a baseball diamond, y'know, or a stadium. It's always how do you change the shape of it? How do you, y'know, make people feel part of it? So you're always playing with space and air and time. Y'know, it seems to work. It seems all right."] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . seems all right)

Pollstar’s Top Touring Artists of the Decade:

1. U2 – $1,038,104,132
2. The Rolling Stones – $929,196,083
3. Ed Sheeran – $922,361,663
4. Taylor Swift – $899,627,048
5. Beyonce – $857,405,819
6. Bon Jovi – $836,661,584
7. Paul McCartney – $813,811,559
8. Coldplay – $731,805,591
9. Bruce Springsteen – $729,789,815
10. Roger Waters – $702,231,419
11. Elton John – $675,886,369
12. Metallica – $661,907,247
13. Guns N’ Roses – $648,112,698
14. Eagles – $630,066,670
15. One Direction – $628,242,521
16. Pink – $626,026,122
17. Jay-Z – $611,837,214
18. Kenny Chesney – $608,693,967
19. Justin Bieber – $554,229,462
20. Bruno Mars – $545,585,346

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