Coming on December 7th is Van Morrison's 40th studio album, titled, The Prophet Speaks. The 14-song set features six originals alongside Morrison's newly recorded takes on classic tunes by John Lee Hooker, Sam Cooke, Willie Dixon, and Solomon Burke, among others. In the press release for the album, Van Morrison said, “It was important for me to get back to recording new music as well as doing some of the blues material that has inspired me from the beginning. Writing songs and making music is what I do, and working with great musicians makes it all the more enjoyable.”

Backing Morrison on the new collection is multi-instrumentalist Joey DeFrancesco, Dan Wilson on guitar, Michael Ode on drums, and Troy Roberts on tenor saxophone.

Van Morrison was asked if albums are still relevant to him in the age of digital downloads: “They're still relevant to me, because I'm not a download artist. Download is a very small percentage of what the people want (from) my product. It's a very small percentage, so, it's mainly CD's and some vinyl. I just kind of go back. . . I just listen to the stuff that got me into it in the first place, y'know, the jazz, some blues. There's nothing new, no.”

Source: Pulse of Radio