Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins told Music Week in a new interview that he believes frontman Dave Grohl would have still launched the Foos even if Grohl was still drumming for Nirvana.

Speaking about his own desire to make solo records, Hawkins explained, "I have to write songs, I have to make records. I guarantee you, if for some crazy reason Kurt Cobain wouldn't have died so early and Nirvana was still a band now, Dave would still be doing the same thing. There would be a Foo Fighters; it wouldn't be as popular because he'd be busy in Nirvana all the time, but he has to do it."

Foo Fighters began as a solo project for Grohl, who wrote and played everything on the first album himself. He told us a while back how the end of Nirvana finally pushed him to do it: ["I always have played guitar and have always written music on my own and would just make demo tapes and record in my basement studio for fun, and was horribly embarrassed with my voice and never really confident with my playing. After Nirvana was finished I thought, you know, I'm too young to become a studio session drummer, I might as well go try my hand at actually singing and playing guitar. And it worked out."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC:…it worked out.)

Hawkins also told Music Week, "In Foo Fighters, my job is to just play drums. And sort of along the lines of what the Grohlmeister wants, and he gives me room to move, but he knows what he wants, they're his songs, and obviously he knows how to play the drums, so he knows how the f**king drums should go . . . But when I get a moment outside the Foo Fighters, I have to get these songs out of me. I just like the creative process of writing songs, I like singing!"

Hawkins recently released Get The Money, the latest LP from his side project, The Coattail Riders. Foo Fighters are reportedly working on a follow-up to 2017's Concrete And Gold for release next year.

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