Prescription Eyeglass Stores in Sarasota – What to Look For

Need some tips before visiting a Sarasota prescription eyeglass store?  You’re not alone!  In fact, as many as 3 out of 3 people will at some time or another require vision and many here on the Florida Suncoast will start visiting local optical stores searching for professional consultation.   We created this article to help you in the process.

Everyone’s needs are different.  While a business executive working in a Bradenton office may have been born with poor vision, an elderly person in Sarasota may find that as they age – their ability to focus is becoming more and more of a problem.   We personally know many people here in Sarasota County whose job requires them to stare at computer screens through much of their workday.  All these factors can contribute to vision problems and the need for prescription glasses.

So, what should you consider before buying? First – think about:

  • The Cost – Affordable Prescription eyewear isn’t necessarily what you’ll always find.  Some prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Your Schedule – Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice all have many fine skilled opticians, however, finding your perfect pair may take a while.
  • Your Look – What fits your face and makes you feel your best?

Is Your Eyeglass Prescription Up to Date?   Generally, an eyeglass prescription last 2 years for adults. Younger people may be less.  See your local optical store if these needs updating. Be sure to keep a copy of the prescription on file at home so you always have it.

Directory of Terms Frequently Used in Prescriptions:

  • OD (Oculus Dexter) refers to right eye.
  • OS (Oculus Sinister) refers to left eye.
  • Sphere (SPH) indicates the amount of lens power, prescribed to correct nearsightedness (-) or farsightedness (+).
  • ADD (for bifocals) is the added magnifying power applied to the bottom part of multifocal lenses to correct presbyopia.
  • Cylinder (CYL) indicates the amount of lens power for astigmatism.
  • Axis describes the positioning of the cylindrical power on your lenses (required for astigmatism).
  • Pupillary Distance2. Measure Your Pupillary Distance
  • Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between your pupils – usually measured in millimeters.

Identifying the right frames is an important decision!  Several factors can affect your decision on which frames to buy. They should complement your face and style and personality.  In short – you need to feel good about yourself when you are wearing your glasses!

Websites published by local eyeglass stores here in the Sarasota area can be a big help.  You may get some great get ideas not just on frames, but also on the best lens and coatings to consider.  We recommend you save yourself the time of driving on our busy streets by simply going online in the comfort of your own home!   These same websites can provide a clearer idea of options available here in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.   Some are advanced enough to even let you upload an image of yourself and – then create an image of show how you would look trying on different frame styles.

Do you need your glasses for work?    If you’re going to wearing your glasses in an office setting, you might want to think about what many refer to as a “classic” style such as a rectangle.  Conservative colors such as black, silver and brown can perfectly compliment the frame style you choose.

Finally, after you’ve worn your new glasses for a couple of days – don’t hesitate to report any problems you may be experiencing – either with the frames or the lens.  This is even more important if you are wearing prescription glasses.   In our experience, most eyeglass stores here in Sarasota eyeglass stores will be more than happy to do whatever adjustments may be required.