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Dave Can LLC is an insured and licensed Sarasota handyman – providing a large number of affordable services.  His services include estate cleanouts, junk removal and tree trimming.   He serves all nearby locations including Bradenton, Venice, Nakomis, Osprey, North Port, Palmetto, Parrish and more.

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As a reliable handyman, Dave Can LLC is totally committed to getting the work done right the first time on all projects.   His company is fully insured for the safety of your home and family.   When you call Dave Can LLC – you get peace of mind that work on your Sarasota home is being done efficiently and with skill.

Some of the more common repairs performed by Dave include pocket door repairs, patching, painting and texture, tile and backsplash installation, screen and screen door replacement, gutter repair and installation, and cabinet installation.  Building and code regulation are frequently checked to ensure a legal work standard is maintained at all times.

Sarasota Cleanouts & Junk Removal

Frequent requests are called in to Dave Can Handyman for smaller removals, such as couches, tables or beds.   They also haul away old grills and other items that can take up valuable space on your property.  As we all know, things can quickly accumulate.  Items you no longer need on your property can pose a hazard to others – in addition to being a eyesore.    Things can quickly become overwhelming.  Call Dave Can LLC and let the handyman take care of the problem for you!

Sometimes you have to clear out the old to make room for the new. Rooms full of memories can become hazardous and foster an unclean environment.  Rodents love bags full of old clothes.  They can also create a risk of fire and water damage.   When it’s time to regain control of your Sarasota home, call Dave Can.

Sarasota Tree Trimming

Overgrown trees in your yard can represent a potential risk to you, your family, your neighbors and your dwelling.   Our Sarasota tree trimming service will help keep the sun on your roof and the reduce the chance of injury.   Tree branches that are too close to your roof can drip and create soft spots and mold over time.   Local storms and hurricanes can cause more damage with falling limbs.   Dave recommends trimming back trees and limbs to prevent these pitfalls.  As with any company you hire – ask to see licenses and insurance for the work being performed.  Without adequate insurance, any damages could be your responsibility.   Remember, you could be sued if a worker is injured on your property.

Dave Can LLC Handyman is licensed and fully insured. We take pride in our work and timeliness.  Free estimates are provided for local residents.   Overtime work is no problem – so you don’t have to worry.  With convenient 7-day a week scheduling, we’re ready when you call.

Call us now at (941) 735-3037.   We are Sarasota’s affordable handyman and we’re ready to help!

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