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Professional search engine marketing services, video marketing, podcasting and social media services will improve enhance your online marketing efforts.   Let our team raise the visibility of your business in Sarasota and Manatee counties.   For more information, visit our website at suncoastdigitalmedia.com.

 SEO Sarasota

Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to find a reputable & local Sarasota SEO company, but you’re not sure where to start.   You may be searching through websites for local search engine marketers in Sarasota who can help your business get to Page 1 and even create a new website for you.   Before you do any of that, we invite you to contact our WSRQ digital services team and let us show you what we can do you affordably and quickly.   A website makeover may be a better solution for you compared to a whole new websote a whole new website.   Let us do a complete analysis for your business before you make your decision.   Our team has all the skills to boost your sites ranking – and to increase your online visibility targeting exactly the cities you do business in.    WSRQ provides an additional advantage in our program – as our own website SRQfm.com is considered an authoritative media site – and links for our site to yours are considered high value.  Whatever you need in the way of digital services, we are ready to help.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has become a significant component in any SEO strategy.   projects here in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton have kept our production team very busy.   We love video production for many reasons.   YouTube is owned by Google.   For some, this fact alone may be enough reason to jump in.

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Digital video is engaging – often keeping your target audience in place longer than most websites can do with text alone.   Youtube videos are easily viewed on just about any digital platform, including desktops, laptops, iPads, smartphones and even smart watches.     Thanks to a process called boosting, you can now target your videos to reach your desired audience, both demographically and geographically across the Suncoast and beyond.  Boosting – much like Google AdWords can generate more online traffic.  SEM or search engine marketing is another reference often interchanged in this discussion.

If you’ve already decided video marketing is part of your plan – Suncoast Digital Media can help you with a shooting location and ideas for video content.   Our WSRQ broadcast location in Sarasota offers the perfect environment for in-studio video interviews.  You may us want to shoot on-location at your place of business somewhere on the Suncoast – or document great customer testimonials about your product or service.  All produced videos link back to your website and as a result, can potentially enhance your other SEO efforts.

Content ideas often start with keyword research.   When you search on Google for your product or service, what keyword options show below the search box?   What do customers ask for when they call your place of business?   What pages on your website get the most traffic?   All of these signals may help identify content options for your next video.

Sarasota Podcasting

Why have podcasts become so popular?   Let’s start with the vast number of topics available and the convenience of listening when and where you choose.

No matter what topic you may be interested in – chances are there is a podcast or a series of podcasts that tackle the topic.   Listeners can quickly become loyal to a particular podcast – subscribing to each update – downloading and saving episodes – sharing content with their friends and tuning in whenever the mood strikes and wherever they might be.

Let’s start with the basics.   In their simplest form, podcasts are audio files uploaded to the Internet.   Often podcasts are a continuous series of episodes – often linked from one to the next.   Here at WSRQ in Sarasota, we’ve been recording podcasts for local businesses for several years.   One of our most popular podcast series is recorded weekly for Community Matters – a discussion of condominium related topics featuring expert guests from throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties.   You can listen to a sample of their podcasts here. Community Matters

Yes – your podcast is being recorded and saved as an audio file – but that same file can also be transcribed later into a text file.  When you do this – you are in effect creating a second benefit or are re-purposing your content.   With text content – you can now reach even more people who may read your content elsewhere such as a website or on a blog – versus “listening” to it through their earphones.

Typically, when you are recording a podcast, you are discussing a topic near and dear to you.   Consider your skills, expertise and audience, and the kinds of things you could comfortably talk about on in each podcast update.  Keep in mind, interviews and podcasts also go together well.   It’s not necessary for the spotlight to be on you’re the whole time.  Podcasting lends itself well to having guests also weigh in on your topic.  Our WSRQ radio studio is an ideal setting to record your podcast in a broadcast quality environment.  With a total of 4 microphone stations – you and up to 3 guests will be comfortably seated and can focus on the subject matters important to you – versus the technical issues involved.   We will provide you with a podcast engineer who can record, edit and even publish your podcast for you when each episode is complete.

If you have a website and are considering ways to drive traffic to your site, a regular podcast can prove to very effective.   In addition to referring your listeners to go to your website – you can add live links inside the show notes which you add at the bottom of the podcast.   Numerous hosting platforms are available for this purpose and we will gladly assist you along the way.

Social Media

If you want to reach Sarasota and Manatee customers searching for business services, you need a strong social media presence.  Our writers at Suncoast Digital Media learn all about your business – and can publish regular updates for you on all of your social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Traditional media including direct mail is no longer an exclusive solution to reaching customers.  As a result, posting to social media on a frequent basis can increase your visibility while also opening up a direct channel of communication between you and a potential buyer.  Happy customers can share your information with their friends – which in turn extends your reach further.

When writing social media content, it’s important to keep the intended reader in mind.  Who is it you want to reach – and what can you provide to that person that will make them value the time it takes to read your post?   If your business is located here in Sarasota, Venice or Bradenton, try to incorporate geographic references into your posts to localize them.    Keep your information credible and relevant at all times.  For an example of how we localize our own posts, please click here. https://www.facebook.com/WSRQRadio/

Keep in mind information online is constantly being scanned by Google – and the more relevant your posts – the more likely your information will rank higher on the search engines.

If some of the ideas we’ve mentioned here sound good to you – but you’re simply too busy to handle them on your own, contact us here at Suncoast Digital Media.   We’ll review options, create an affordable campaign and produce original content for your business.    Our goal is to keep your local business in high profile mode and in front of online consumers here on the Suncoast at all times.   If you would like additional information on our services, please use the form below to contact us.

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